Sending faxes from your computer to a fax machine is a fairly simple thing to do. There are many companies that have products that allow you to send unlimited faxes through their portals and even some that will give you a toll free phone number to receive faxes.

In addition, there are a few websites that allow you to send faxes for free. Some of them have banner ads on the fax or on the fax cover pages and some will allow you to send a regular fax with no ads at all.

Send and receive faxes for free for 30 days

When sending faxes for free, you should make sure that you are not sending out any sensitive information, especially information that is protected by the HIPAA laws. Although some free faxing sites do send their messages in a HIPAA compliant way and some even use sophisticated encryption, it is still best to use a site or service that can guarantee you the safety of your date.

Many of these sites have free trial programs that can help you get a sense of what they offer before you have to spend money on them.